Fitness startup gets gains! 💪

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Fitness startup sees gains!

Hytro spent years developing blood flow restriction (BFR) integrated TechWear to help users build muscle quicker and recover faster from injury. In essence, the product combines BFR straps and performance clothing. 

They launched the brand in September 2020 and needed help with organic brand exposure. Which is where we came in.

The goal

As Hytro is a new, unknown brand and the product isn’t already established sales were not our priority. Instead, we were required to help build awareness around BFR training and subsequently the brand. 

Our goal was to educate consumers about BFR training and to make Hytro the go-to resource for anything BFR training related. 

The process

Our first point of call, as with any new client, is to perform an SEO audit. In short, the purpose of this is to assess the website’s performance potential in the eye’s of visitors and the almighty Google.

To get Hytro in front of their target audience we devised content that answered questions around BFR training. As people would not be searching for Hytro directly or their product we had to tap into BFR training and the way to do that was by creating unique, highly informed, interesting content. 

Using our content creation strategy to find and develop content ideas we were able to create content that performed well in organic search. The content brought visitors to the website and well-positioned calls to value encouraged them to either sign up for the newsletter or purchase a product. 

The results

Month on month organic traffic increased and a number of key ranking positions were obtained.

We are extremely pleased with the results we achieved whilst working with Hytro and look forward to watching the brand continue to grow.

Visit: Hytro

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