200% increase in organic traffic in 1 year!

Traffic up 200%

Travel site records 200% increase in organic traffic in 12 months

Like many travel and tourism companies, TC was severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Due to the disruption to the travel industry and the lack of money coming in, TC stopped all marketing spending.

In October 2021 they recognised the business could return to its former glory.

Having worked together previously, the TC CEO contacted Parlez Creative and asked for our services.

The Goal

TC wanted to see their organic traffic return to pre-Covid levels. 

The Process

Following an SEO audit in month 1, we concentrated on the following:

1. Updated the sitemap – the sitemap contained URLs with 301 & 404 status codes. It also had pages with thin content & ‘no-index’ URLs 🤦‍♂️.

2. Optimised existing pages – nothing groundbreaking here.
The site had a bunch of pages ranking low on page 1 and high on page 2 – so we optimised these first.

3. Culled underperforming pages – there were 365 blogs on the website. Only 95 had more than 10 page views since January 20.

In some instances, the same topic had been covered 3 or 4 times, resulting in keyword cannibalisation and low-value content.

4. Created new content – the client didn’t have a content strategy in place. Blogs would be uploaded haphazardly with no real goal in mind.

We uploaded blogs on a regular and consistent basis, targeting queries users have regarding the destination and travel tips to this part of the world.

5. Implemented E-A-T best practices – enhanced about page and author bios. Added reviews from a third party.

6. Added Schema markup – FAQ schema was particularly effective. This gave our results more real estate in the SERP and improved CTR.

7. We did very little link-building, due to budget.
The Results
Organic traffic has grown steadily in the last 12 months. Ongoing, focused SEO has resulted in this client seeing a 200% increase in organic traffic. 
Traffic up 200%

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